There exists a pretty clear split among luxury SUVs of driving dynamics versus comfort. SUVs from Mercedes-Benz and Lexus tend toward a soft ride while those from Audi and BMW feel like sports cars in the turns. Add the 2017 Cadillac XT5 to the latter column, as Cadillac’s latest SUV seeks a younger demographic favoring handling performance.

Looking around the cabin of the XT5, I noticed more than a few indications that Cadillac was chasing BMW, beyond just driving dynamics. The shifter for the eight-speed automatic transmission, a curvy pod that fit my hand well, resembles the ergonomically sculptured drive selector sticking up from the consoles of BMW models.

And like BMW, Cadillac minimizes knobs and buttons on the dashboard of the XT5, greatly simplifying the look. However, Cadillac favors more plush materials on cabin surfaces in contrast to BMW’s more spartan approach. Following European tradition, BMW uses an indirect controller for its cabin electronics while Cadillac relies on a simpler touchscreen.
The XT5 takes the place of the SRX in Cadillac’s lineup, but more than just an update with a name change, the XT5 leads an overall reinvigoration of Cadillac’s SUV lineup, just as the CT6 signals big changes for its passenger cars. The XT5 is a five-passenger SUV, with no option for a third row, showing similar exterior dimensions to the SRX. However, a new chassis means it is lighter and offers more interior space….

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